PRESS RELEASE 17 January 2023

State of the Art of Solid-State Transformers: Advanced Topologies, Implementation Issues, Recent Progress and Improvements

Solid state transformer (SST) is an emerging technology that could influence the developments in many areas such as smart-grids, traction systems, the system with renewable energy sources (RESs)

Solid-state transformer (SST) is a technology that integrates transformer power electronics converters and control circuitry. There are different SST topologies suitable for several voltage levels, varied stages, and different trends in applications. The paper discusses various SST configurations with their design and characteristics to convert the input to output under unipolar and bipolar operation. It also provides a comparison between the topologies, control operation, models, schemes, and applications included. The benefits of SST in many applications (in terms of controllability and the synergy of AC and DC systems) highlight the importance of SST technologies which still may be subject to ongoing improvement for future configuration and development.

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