03 October 2023

SSTAR went to SDEWES Conference

person presenting

One of our partners, CERTH, took part to the Conference on sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems in Dubrovnik

CERTH attended the 2023 SDEWES conference in Dubrovnik last week.

This year the focus was on discussing strategies for decarbonisation, energy communities, renewable energy and circularity.

It was the perfect opportunity to discuss in depth the topic of modelling for pollution avoidance and energy efficiency. CERTH presented “3D Modeling and Coupled Electromagnetic-Thermal-Fluid Analysis of a Novel Inductive Power Transformer Submerged in Biodegradable Dielectric Fluid”.

Additionally, SSTAR presented its objectives and future work in the Side Event entitled “SDEWES Project Exchange Event”. Almost 30 projects were present to discuss lesson learned and possibilities of future collaboration.

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