12 December 2023

SSTAR has a new fellow project

SSTAR finds synergies with a fellow project: iPlug

Considering the EU goals of decarbonisation and the need to enhance renewable energy technologies, it is pivotal to collaborate amongst projects to find synergies and exploit further the innovations that are being developed.

SSTAR has established a collaboration with another EU funded project: iPLUG.

The increasing adoption of renewable energy technologies exerts strain on the distribution grids operating at low and medium voltage levels. Alongside this, contemporary distribution grids encounter additional obstacles such as the need for new infrastructure and the connection of diverse loads operating at varying voltage levels. To address these challenges, the iPLUG project, supported by the European Union, aims to create innovative power electronics utilizing multiport converters. These converters will enable the seamless integration of multiple renewable energy sources, energy storage systems, and loads into the distribution grid. By deploying these converters across different locations, the iPLUG project aims to alleviate grid congestion and enhance overall system performance.

Our common goals of enhancing grid stability and energy efficiency will guide our collaboration in the future.

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