NEWSLETTER 31 May 2024

#3 SSTAR Newsletter

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Dear Reader,
welcome to the third newsletter from SSTAR project!

We have the pleasure to share with you some achievements we accomplished during these last few months.


SSTAR in a nutshell:
SSTAR is a European project that aims to promote Solid-State Transformers (SSTs) – a quite recent promising innovative technology.
SSTAR will increase SSTs operational voltage level to widen their application within the energy power sector while improving sustainability (towards a zero-emission electric system) and expanding the beneficiary sectors.


In the last few months, SSTAR project changed the design of ST modules and produced a highly performing fluid among vegetable-based and ester-based dielectric fluids.

CIRCE has completed the HV transformer design based on IPT technology and the design of the entire SST module for HV applications.

SSTAR Sustainability, Life Cycle and Socioeconomic assessment framework has started to develop a roadmap, identify and analyze SSTAR applications with the highest replication potential.

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Enjoy your reading.
Jonatan Peris Rivas

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