NEWSLETTER 19 October 2023

#2 SSTAR newsletter

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Dear reader,
welcome to SSTAR project!

With this second newsletter of the project, we want to share with you some achievements we accomplished during these last few months.

SSTAR project wants to contribute to the European goal of greenhouse-gas-neutral economy by developing solid state transformers and enlarge their application within the energy power sector. These will, in turn, transform the power grid towards a zero-emissions eletric system.

In the last few months we achieved the following:

  • CIRCE has completed the HV SST module system specifications in order to establish the basis for a scalable design on SST technology in HV grid applications. By following this achieved milestone, a design of the HF transformer for the HV SST module has been finalized and we are currently performing several iterations to get the final specifications of the IPT to be manufactured.
  • We have also completed several simulations with the selected topology and the control strategy definition is ongoing.
  • The development of a decentralized CHB control converter is underway and we have recently finished a report including the design and a set of simulations of the solution operation.

SSTAR also attended two important Conferences where we could share recent achievements with the wider community of researchers.

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Enjoy your reading.
Jonatan Peris Rivas

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