16 March 2023

16th ETIP SNET Regional Workshop

SSTAR was presented during the ETIP SNET regional workshop

CIRCE, our coordinator, attended the 16th ETIP SNET Regional Workshop organised by the European Commission at Iberdrola.

The workshop provided a unique opportunity to learn about R&I projects around Europe and contribute to the identification of R&I gaps, challenges and priorities. CIRCE briefly presented SSTAR project, its goal and technologies.

The overall purpose of this event is to learn more about national and regional research, development and innovation (RDI) and how and if they are aligned to the RDI activities on the EU level and, specifically, to the ones identified in the ETIP SNET Implementation Plan 2022-2025 and that will be the base of the High Levell Use Cases in the updated ETIP SNET Roadmap, expected by mid-February 2023.

Representatives of national and regional funding and support programmes from Western Europe (Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland and the UK) discussed together with the EC, national funding authorities and ministries about RDI priorities and next funding programmes.

Photo provided by CIRCE

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