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#1 Newsletter from SSTAR

Dear reader,

welcome to SSTAR project!


With this first newsletter of the project, we want to share with you some achievements we accomplished during these first months.


Our kick-off meeting gave a good start to our collaboration. We had the chance to meet in person and discuss the importance of transitioning towards a decarbonised economy


SSTAR project wants to contribute to the European goal of greenhouse-gas-neutral economy by developing solid state transformers and enlarge their application within the energy power sector. These will, in turn, transform the power grid towards a zero-emissions eletric system.


To reach these objectives, three main R&I Lines will be developed:

1. Sustainable biobased dielectric fluid able to increase the SST modules insulation voltage while achieving up to 50% of CO2 saving comparing to traditional oils

2. New SST module based on SiC with a bidirectional Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) system able to increase the individual voltage and switching frequency of SST modules up to 1.5 kV and 50kHz respectively with a total efficiency of 98.5% 

3. Decentralized control cascade H-bridge (CHB) converter to scale-up the number of modules in a single SST device to achieve the voltage levels of transmission grids.

After our last meeting in Lodi we have been working specifically on disseminating SSTAR's objectives through ETIP SNET regional workshop and some workshops with TIGON, one of our fellow project.  


Don’t miss our presentation video and remember to follow us on social media!


Enjoy your reading.

Jonatan Peris Rivas


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